Monitoring Of Large-Scale Engineering Projects / Environmental

Attention for the environment translates, during the phase of carrying out and running large-scale engineering projects, into the constant activity of environmental monitoring, aimed at checking for any variations which occur in the environments, discovering the causes and identifying possible mitigation actions on the environmental impacts caused.
The Environmental Monitoring activities are carried out before, during and after the works are carried out, in relation to specific Environmental Monitoring Projects (EMP) which define, on the basis of Guidelines for the Environmental Monitoring Project of the Special Environment Impact Assessment Commission and the results of the Site Environmental Project, the significant environmental components to be monitored, the measuring point, the parameters to be monitored and the frequencies.

The data acquired during the measuring campaign are managed through a special Information System, specially re-organised and made available to the client through dedicated Web Sites. Moreover, such Information Systems provide the Regional Environmental Protection Agencies and Environmental Observers, with valid support for their environmental control activities carried out when implementing the project. The monitoring activities, performed with high precision technical instrument, mainly consist in:

  • Atmosphere
  • Vibrations
  • Surfaces waters
  • Underground waters
  • Subsoil
  • Soil
  • Vegetation
  • Fauna ed ecosystems