On site surveys / drilling

The winning of European Orders such as the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Turin-Lyons High-speed Railway link has allowed Vicenzetto to consolidate its experience in probes, such as depth boring (up to 1200 m) using wire-line and double and triple-wall core barrels. The strong intervention to integrate the project design of the Tunnel Variation and the Bologna-Florence HS line has further expanded knowledge of consolidated techniques for the core boring of soft rocks such as scaly clays, marbles and argillites.

Alongside direct recognition of the lithological characteristics through continuous core boring, new methodologies of in-hole tests, indirect surveys and non-destructive surveys are adopted which provide the project designer with a more accurate parameterisation of the soils.
A list follows of the main probe surveys and tests in which VICENZETTO specialises.

Geotechnical drilling

  • Geotechnical drilling

Deep drilling

  • Deep drilling

Off-shore drilling

  • Off-shore drilling