Aggregate test

VICENZETTO is able to perform many types of analyses for the diagnostic assessment of works of art using technologies of specific interest.
Thanks to a high level of professional expertise, the company is able to intervene and establish, with a high level of detail, both the conservation status of each structural component and optimal procedures.
The Road Laboratory is at the disposal of the Authorities assigned to monitoring roads, railways and airports to provide specific services for checking before, during and after the installation of products that are used in creating foundations and road surfaces.

At the same time, the Laboratory provides Construction companies with technical support in the form of studies, experiments and tests, indispensable for installing at competitive cost road coverings that comply with applicable legislation and which positively satisfy the performance characteristics required by the reference technical specifications.
A short list follows of the main tests performed at the VICENZETTO road Laboratory.

Classification tests

  • Particle size analysis (UNI EN 933-1)

  • Determination of water content (UNI EN 1097-5)
  • Petrographic analysisa (UNI EN 932-3)

Wear and fragmentation tests

  • Micro Deval (UNI EN 1097-1)

  • Los Angeles (UNI EN 1097-2)

On site

  • Density and unit Weight of soil in place by the Sand-Cone Method (ASTM 1556)

  • Plate load tests (CNR UNI B.U. n° 146)
  • Pile load tests