Monitoring Of Large-Scale Engineering Projects / Geo-technical

The progress of studies for supervising geological phenomena has undergone an historic acceleration crucial for spreading knowledge of the use of appropriate geo-technical monitoring systems. VICENZETTO has always been committed to the development of cutting-edge monitoring systems which form the indispensable basis for investigating, in increasing detail, the genesis and development of the geological phenomena which interfere with environmental, geo-technical and structural fields.
The main aim of our company is to design, install and manage integrated systems for supervising the behaviour of areas with geological and hydro-geological risk and structures such as Viaducts, Tunnels and Dams, providing alarm signals in real time.

VICENZETTO carries out, in this area, the installation of piezometers, inclinometer pipes, strainmeters, settlement gauges, load and pressure cells, strain meter bars, movement transductors, thermometers, level and ultrasound gauges, and weather stations.

Finally, the Company engages in the later phases of managing networks, the processing and interpretation of geo-technology results.