Soil laboratory

In addition to the tests performed on samples taken from probes, the Soil Laboratory takes samples and carries out tests at quarries, depots, production plants and work sites applying the provisions of current legislation regarding the classification of excavated soil and rocks.
Particular attention is paid to the evolution of landfills, verification of the positioning areas, and complete development of the landfill until final inspection.

The Technical Construction Regulations pursuant to MD 14th January 2008, and the subsequent explanatory Circular prescribe that tests performed on soil must be carried out and certified by one of the test laboratories mentioned in art. 59 of D.P.R. n. 380/2001.
A short list follows of the main tests performed at the Vicenzetto Soil Laboratory:

Classification tests

  • Particle size analysis (ASTM D422)
  • Determination of density of fine-grained soil (CEN ISO/TS 17892-2)
  • Determination of water content (ASTM D2216)
  • Determination of particle density (ASTM D854)
  • Determination of Atterberg limits (ASTM D4318)
  • Determination of organic substances (ASTM D2974)
  • Shrinkage factor of soil (ASTM D4943)

Edometric test

  • Edometric test (ASTM D2435)

Triaxial compression test

  • Unconsolidated – undrenated triaxial compression test (ASTM D2850)
  • Consolidated – undrenated triaxial compression test (ASTM D4767)
  • Consolidated – drenated triaxial compression test (ASTM D5311)

Shear test

  • Direct shear test (ASTM D3080)
  • Torsional shear test

Compression test

  • Unconfined comprensive Strength of Cohesive soil (ASTM D2166)
  • CBR (ASTM D1883-94)

Permeability test

  • Permeability of granular soils (ASTM D2434-68)
  • Permeability in edometric cell (UNI CEN ISO/TS 17892-11)
  • Permeability in triaxial cell (ASTM 5084)

Modulus an damping of soil by the resonant-column

  • Modulus an Damping of soil by the resonant-Column (ASTM D 4015)

Cyclic triaxial tests

  • Cyclic triaxial tests (ASTM D 5311)

Compaction test

  • Laboratory compaction characteristics of soil using standard effort (D698-91)
  • Laboratory compaction characteristics of soil using modified effort (ASTM D1557-91)