Rock laboratory

The Rock Laboratory has developed over the last 20 years in parallel with the development of the deep probe sector for planning the great European Corridors which include the construction of tunnels whose dimensions in terms of length, diameter and coverage include accurate project designing with a complete quality and quantity characterisation of the rock masses.

Particular attention is paid to soft rocks, geological formations typical of our Apennines and involved in the development of large-scale national engineering projects
A short list of the main tests carried out at the VICENZETTO rocks Laboratory follows.

Classification tests

  • Determination of apparent density
  • Determination of density
  • Petrographics analysis
  • Determination of water content

Compression tests

  • Uniaxial compression test
  • Point load test

Triaxial compression tests

  • Triaxial compression tests

Shear test

  • Shear test

Ultrasonic Velocity of rock

  • Vp-Vs