On site surveys / Geophysics

Parallel with traditional surveys, the VICENZETTO laboratory has developed an important sector of applied geophysics.
The experience gained in more than 45 years in carrying out and managing projects in the geological, geo-mechanical and geo-technology field has contributed to the achievement of high quality standards for acquisition and interpretation of geo-physical data.

VICENZETTO possesses the most advanced technologies and software, guaranteeing the possibility of performing stability analyses on soil and rocks, assessing the various geological risks, 3D modelling of the subsoil, geotechnical parameterisation, environmental monitoring.
A list follows of the main geo-physical surveys and tests in which VICENZETTO specialises.

Seismic reflection methods

  • Seismic reflection methods

Electrical methods

  • Electrical methods

Ground penetrating radar

  • Ground penetrating radar


  • Masw

Seismic Down-Hole, Cross-Hole Methods

  • Seismic Down-Hole, Cross-Hole Methods

Sonic log

  • Sonic log